PRO Series

Contractor-friendly, best-in-class performance and efficiency

WELL Building Standard
Title 24


PRO Series of LED lighting fixtures brings SmartBeam® control to a larger more powerful form factor. PRO products deliver energy efficiency, lumen output, and specific color rendering and much more in standard 2″, 3″ or 4″ light apertures. PRO Series lighting products are also designed for field serviceability, meaning that drivers, LED engines and optics can be easily removed in the field if necessary.

Typical Applications

  • General office
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Supermarkets and retail spaces
  • Biotech/R&D laboratories
  • Warehouses

PRO Series - Pendant

High performance suspended linear pendants with integral field serviceable on-board driver

PRO Series - Recessed

Recessed drywall or ceiling grid mounted linear with integral field serviceable on-board driver

PRO Series - Perimeter

Recessed linear lighting solutions designed for the intersection of ceiling and wall

PRO Series - Surface

Easy to attach surface mounted linears with integral field serviceable on-board driver

PRO Series - Wall

Wall-mounted versions of PRO products with easy to attach mounting approach and customized beam distributions

PRO Series - Shapes

Pre-fabricated square, rectangles, hexagons and other shapes based on PROBeam form factors

SmartBeam® Controlled Beam Distributions

SmartBeam® is adaptive wavefront technology developed with the single purpose of delivering the ultimate control over light distributions. In addition to the standard SmartBeam® options XICO also provides a customization service. If you need a particular light distribution for your application, then you probably need SmartBeam®.

Commitment to sustainability

Our performance focus, including the efficiency of our optical systems, reduces energy consumption in every project that specifies XICO® fixtures. We are combating waste in the lighting industry by reducing our footprint, reusing what we can, and utilizing recycled materials. From re-considering our inputs to re-thinking our supply chain, we are constantly working on ways to reduce our impact on the environment further and create a more sustainable world.

Micro Cavity Optics

Low glare collimated beam delivers high foot candles.

Field-Serviceable Driver

Driver and LED engines can be removed and replaced.

Mounting choices

Pendant, Surface, Recessed, and Wall.

Fusion Optix® Inside

Patented Innovations in Optics & LED systems.

Low and zero plenum

Less than the height of a T-bar. XICO® products feature a variety of mounting options for ceiling grid systems, wood, metal, drywall, and mud-in applications.

Human-centric lighting

Lighting that enhances human performance, comfort, health, and well-being by balancing the visual, emotional, and biological benefits for humans.


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