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Circadian Rhythm

Light affects our vision, body, and emotions. Light impacts our circadian rhythm, a built-in clock that regulates the timing of biological processes and daily behavior. Human-Centric Lighting enhances human performance, comfort, health, and well-being by balancing visual, emotional, and biological benefits of lighting for humans. It also improves alertness and concentration during learning or work by providing a better light environment. 

Our Circadian Audit program helps you evaluate your existing space, taking into account use case and availability of natural light, including a generated report and recommendations for product solutions.

Health Benefits

We spend 90%of our lives indoors, in spaces with artificial lighting that does not provide the circadian signals found in natural sunlight.

As a result, our bodies and minds have become out of sync with the natural day/night cycle. Research shows that this disconnect can have negative short-term and long-term health consequences over our lifetime.

BIOS SkyBlue is the first circadian light source to include key blue-sky signals (490nm) that our minds and bodies need to strengthen our circadian rhythms.

  • Strengthens Your Circadian Rhythm
  • Increases Alertness
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Boosts Mood
  • Promotes a Better Night’s Sleep
Regulate Sleep Patterns
Improve Sleep Quality
Enhance Short- and Long-Term Health
Promote Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being

What's new in Circadian Science?

In 2017 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Jeffrey C. Hall, Dr. Michael Rosbash and Dr. Michael W. Young for their research and discoveries on the molecular mechanisms that control our circadian rhythms and impact our wellbeing.

In the 1970’s, Seymour Benzer and Ronald Konopka identified a gene they called “period”. Their hypothesis was that this period gene controlled the circadian rhythm, but they were unable to isolate the gene or understand how it worked. Hall, Rosbash, and Young experimented on the period gene and in 1984 were able to isolate it, demonstrating it making the protein PER. The Circadian System works through oscillation, PER protein builds up during sleep and dissipates during the day.

Our Circadian Rhythms have evolved to a 24-hour day, but when our lifestyles and our internal clocks are out of sync we are more at risk of lower productivity, reduced concentration, health problems, and various diseases. Circadian rhythm impacts our wellbeing, our behavior, our energy.

BIOS SkyBlue™

BIOS SkyBlue™ LED Circadian Lighting Solutions promote health and
wellness using brilliant, high-quality architectural white light. BIOS
SkyBlue is the first circadian light to align with the key blue-sky signals
(490nm) our minds and bodies need to encourage daytime alertness
and promote a better night’s sleep.

With a peak energy emission at 490nm, BIOS SkyBlue offers the highest
melanopic ratio at standard color temperatures (3000, 3500K, 4000K)
for comfortable and energy-efficient illumination that supports healthy
circadian rhythms, allowing you to work more productively, sleep more
soundly, and live healthier.

  • Industry-leading melanopic (m/p) ratios (3000K, 35000K, 4000K)
  • Brilliant color quality for visual comfort (CRI 80+ and R9>90)
  • Simple lighting controls, single-channel dimming, compatible with 0-10V
    and wireless controls, also compatible with 2-channel controls.
  • Contributes to WELL™ Circadian Lighting Feature

Circadian Lighting Design

BIOS SkyBlue™ Generation 2 LED circadian solutions contributes to satisfying Circadian Lighting Design Feature 54 under the WELL Building Standard v1 and Feature L03 under the Well Building Standard v2. BIOS SkyBlue also meets other features within the WELL Light Concept, including coloring quality offering 81+ CRI and R9 values greater than 90, visual comfort metrics, and higher m/p ratios than traditional LED lighting.

WELL Building Standard

At XICO, we’re pairing an understanding of the science of light with the latest discoveries around human biology and circadian rhythm. We are working with various technological solutions to offer multiple options to the human-centric lighting space through standard fixtures and those specifically designed to target human biology.

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