Performance-Driven LED Lighting with Fusion Optix® Inside

NANO Series

XLNQ95 Wall Mount
Sub 1" Linear Lighting

MICRO Series

Sub 2" Linear Lighting

EDGE Series

Edge-lit LED Lighting

FX Series

Xline FX Anodized
Form, Fit & Function

PRO Series

Commercial SmartBeam®

Fusion Optix Inside®

Patented innovations in optics, lighting controls and LED product design

The XICO® technology edge begins with what we call we call SmartBeam®, a platform of innovations from Fusion Optix ( These innovations cover LED engine design, unique edge-lit and backlit optical components and innovations in optical systems design.

SmartBeam® is a unique adaptive wavefront technology developed by Fusion Optix. It delivers glare-free, comfortable illumination in a wide range of beam distributions while achieving high efficacy, energy-saving performance.

Starting with the LED; and how we select the highest quality LEDs with optimized CCT, CRI, and Vf binning. We also have a range of customized spectral outputs for human centric lighting.

Our SmartOptics® range of multifunctional optical components combines the major optical functions (collimation, beam spreading, refraction, reflection, diffusion, light guiding etc.) to deliver high efficiency specification-grade lighting distributions and beam control.

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XICO® Lighting products are based upon a unique "adaptive wavefront" technology platform we call SmartBeam®

About XICO®

XICO® is focused on innovations in optics, controls and LED technologies

Patents & Trademarks

XICO® products contain patented innovations in the field of optics, controls and LED technologies

Human-Centric Lighting

Light affects our vision, body, and emotions. Human Centric Lighting enhances human performance, comfort, health, and well-being by balancing visual, emotional, and biological benefits of lighting for humans.