The ultimate in control of lighting distributions

SmartBeam® makes it easy to specify the exact light required for any architectural space. Available in every XICO product; it is now possible to create truly tailored and engaging lighting that transform spaces, improves visual comfort, and saves energy.


Adaptive wavefront technologies to control light

SmartBeam® is a family of adaptive wavefront technologies, developed with the single purpose to deliver the ultimate controlled specification-grade lighting distribution and colors to your fingertips.

Lighting products with SmartBeam® technology inside are able to achieve unseen levels of illumination control producing optimized and uniformly illuminated surfaces.

A key feature of SmartBeam® technology is the delivery of glare free, comfortable illumination in a wide range of distributions, achieving high efficacy, high CRI, providing circadian options, and guaranteeing energy saving performance.

Our SmartBeam® patent-pending innovations in electrical control give you the tools to control light via switches, controllers and even your mobile phone.