WELL Building Standard

XICO® Lighting is committed to contributing to The WELL Building Standard. WELL sets the guidelines for a more thoughtfully designed space focused on human centricity, making health and well-being a priority. Products that can be used to satisfy WELL criteria can only contribute toward earning points for WELL Certification.

L03 Circadian Lighting Design

Overexposure to artificial lighting as well as the light emitted from screens can disrupt our circadian rhythm. In the modern world, on average, we spend more than 90% of our day indoors. The WELL standard has set guidelines that require spaces to reach minimum Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML) levels through a combination of natural and artificial light.

XICO® can provide the SPD information for all our products to be used by designers in evaluating the EML levels of their projects. XICO® also offers an onsite Circadian Lighting Audit to help identify existing levels and recommend renovation solutions. Contact us to schedule an Audit.

L04 Electric Light Glare Control

Glare control is essential to visual performance and comfort. As part of XICO® Lightings’ goal for industry-leading performance we’ve designed our fixtures with glare control in mind, WELL also restricts glare to eliminate visual discomfort. Visit our Unified Glare Rating page for products meeting the WELL Standard for this category.

L07 Electric Light Quality

Visual perception of color has an effect on the comfort and aesthetic of a space. WELL requires all lighting in a building to deliver high Color Rendering and R9 values and for drivers to meet recommended frequency values.

All of our fixtures are offered with 90+ CRI and all recommended drivers satisfy the 90hz minimum frequency at all 10% light output intervals from 10-100%.

L09 Occupant Lighting Control

A WELL Certified building requires control of lighting through a manual or automated control system in an occupied space. This system must have control over color, color temperature, and light distribution, but can also offer custom capabilities. Our entire product line is compatible with virtually every control system.

M02 Nature & Place

Humans have an innate connection to nature, working more productively and healing faster when surrounded by natural patterns, materials, colors, or images. Lighting can highlight biophilic design elements and we are working to offer more options to bring biophilic design into our products.

X07 Material Transparency

To promote material transparency across building material and product supply chain, permanently installed product ingredients are disclosed by the manufacturer through a disclosure organization, such as a Declare label from the International Living Future Institute.

X08 Materials Optimization

To promote the selection of products that have been audited to minimize impacts on human and environmental health, products must have ingredients inventoried to 100 ppm and be free of compounds listed in the Living Building Challenge’s Red List v.4.0.

I01 Innovate WELL

Innovation is at the core of what XICO® does, we can enhance human health and positively impact occupants in space. The benefits of these innovations need to be supported by scientific, medical and/or industry research. XICO® is working with industry-leading researchers to bring products to market backed by science.

These products contribute toward satisfying Features in L03, L04, L07, L09, M02, X07, X08, and I01 under the WELL Building Standard.

WELL Building Standard