XICO® Technology

The Xico Lighting technology platform is designed to provide lighting designers the very latest innovations in optics and LED technologies. All our designs are backed up with full engineering support to aid customization and IES files and other photometric data. XICO products are also compliant with UL/ETL listings.

The technology platform covers typical LED fixture mounting options included surface, suspended and recessed mounting options. The platform showcases the latest practical applications, and state-of-the-art designs made possible by our optics and LED component platforms. Our innovations often center on how components can combine and complement one another to create beautiful, efficient, and effective fixtures.

Engineered for Performance

Designed, engineered, built, and tested to perform. Manufactured in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA.

High Quality

XICO® products are a combination of patented technology blocks that bring high performance output, beam control, and energy efficiency. All products are released after meeting quality management examinations.

Certified & Patented Products

Our patents range from optical components to LED engines. Our focus and passion is to enable new dimensions in lighting design by supplying performance lighting products that light spaces with perfected beam performance and easy to install mounting options. We also offer covers which are certified for UV and fire rated and unmatched by the competition. Our products are ETL and UL Listed.

Technology in Action

XICO® products all incorporate a patented platform of unique optical capabilities we call SmartBeam®. SmartBeam® technologies cover all the major optical functions (collimation, beam spreading, reflection, diffusion, light guiding etc.) required for the optical, output, and energy performance across our product lines. SmartBeam® is known for high performance characteristics such as efficiency, color quality and ease of integration.


SmartBeam® technology enables LED lighting products to have new level of control of lighting distributions. SmartBeam® is based on a fundamental optical system design approach. SmartBeam® can be used to diffuse, shape, reflect and manipulate light and colors in a broad range of LED lighting systems.