XICO aims to be a trusted partner assisting in the process for leading building standards and the highest industry certifications.

Every XICO product also starts with sustainability in mind; its design, how we'll make it, how it ships, and how you will use it.

Committed to Sustainability

At XICO®, we believe lighting should be made for performance, not commodity.

We are dedicated to combating waste in the lighting industry by reducing our footprint, reusing what we can, and utilizing recycled materials. From re-considering our inputs to re-thinking our supply chain, we are constantly working on ways we can better reduce our impact on the environment and create a more sustainable world.

We started XICO® out of a reaction to the need for the lighting market to adapt faster to advances in science and manufacturing capability.

The commercial transition to LED has been slow, with the majority of buildings still lit primarily by Fluorescent. LEDs are the primary light source in less than 10% of commercial buildings, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 

We felt that the most sustainable thing we could do was design products that solve problems that traditional fixtures can’t – performance-driven compact form factor lighting. Lighting with customizable beam angles and timeless designs that will perform for years to come. Our fixtures are designed to be serviceable, making them easy to service, repair, and disassemble. And manufactured in the US, closer to our customers, to reduce emissions caused by excess transportation.

It is one of XICO®’s founding principles to take responsibility for the impact we have environmentally. This means understanding and accounting for a product’s entire lifecycle, from complex supply chain to design that extends usefulness as long as possible.

With the environmental crisis more pressing than ever, we took a hard look at our commitments and how we can set the bar higher for XICO®. The resulting sustainability goals represent four commitments to sustainability that we plan to execute by 2025.

2025 Sustainability Goals

1. Launch a XICO® Recycling program to ensure our products are properly recycled and components properly disassembled so our customers can purchase with confidence.

Our products are built to last and designed to work in more spaces. By participating in the circular economy of recycling and using recycled materials in our production and packaging, we can ensure that even less waste reaches landfills.

2. Ensure 70% of material comes from either recycled or renewable sources.

We carefully source our materials to create high-quality products. As we grow, we want to invest in a sustainable supply chain.

3. Minimize packing materials, eliminate single use plastics, and consider shipment strategies in package design.

Our current packaging uses minimal materials, the majority of which are already made of recycled content and recyclable, but we can continue to refine our designs, eliminating as much waste as possible.

4. Exceed the requirements of Declare, DLC Premium, WELL, and LEED, across product lines.

We strive to be a partner in design, helping our customers meet their sustainability goals and bringing more options to market.

Our Red List Free and Declare labeled products support achieving LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge.


Carbon footprint and environmental impact

Every step in the process is an opportunity for positive impact.

Energy-saving fixtures reduce our carbon footprint and yours.

Designing products that require less energy is one of the significant ways we can lower their carbon impact, even in use. Innovations in energy efficiency for one product can influence another. 

Fewer drivers mean less environmental impact.

By designing our products to use remote drivers and reducing the size of our onboard drivers, we can quickly adopt improved driver technology and give our customers choice. When possible, we ship drivers in their original packaging, allowing our fixture packaging to remain smaller and lighter— shipping more boxes at once, which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Using recycled aluminum in fixtures lowers their carbon impact. 

Most XICO products use aluminum as a primary material, it’s strong and durable, and it helps your fixtures last longer. While all XICO fixtures with aluminum enclosures contain some recycled aluminum, we are working with our suppliers to reach 100%. Aluminum is fully recyclable and can be recycled repeatedly without degradation or loss of its innate characteristics. We work with our suppliers to recycle all process-produced scrap aluminum. Everything from the un-used end of the billet through to saw chips from fabrication is collected and sent to a recycling facility.

Focusing on more

Our environmental efforts go beyond carbon.

Products created with health in mind.

XICO focuses on health in product designs and strives to protect the people who design, make, use, and recycle our products. XICO carefully considers the materials in our products to ensure they are Red List Free. We’re identifying the chemical composition of all materials in our products to assess their effect on human health and the environment.

Built to last like the buildings they illuminate.

Durability is central to XICO fixture design, and our goal is to build long-lasting products that handle the rigors of everyday use. Serviceable fixtures are provided with detailed instructions, while remote drivers are also easy to replace.

Sustainable Products Start With Transparency

Sustainable, responsibly manufactured, high-performance products contribute to sustainable building standards, initiatives, and organizations.

Living Building Challenge

XICO products are Red List Free and comply with the Materials Petal Imperative within the Living Building Challenge 4.0 standard.

LEED v4.1

XICO Red List Free products contribute to achieving LEED v4 and LEED v4.1 Material Ingredients, Option 1 Material Ingredient Reporting

WELL Building Standard V2

XICO Declare and Red List Free labeled products can help contribute to achieving various features within the International WELL Building Standard V2 including Enhanced Material Precaution and Material Transparency.

Red List Free and Declare, by design.

XICO designs our products with green building standards in mind, supporting achieving LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge.

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Red List Free and Declare

XICO designs our products with green building standards in mind, supporting achieving LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge.

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