Designed & Built in Boston

BAA & TAA Compliant Manufacturing

At XICO we believe that the best, most sustainably built, lighting products need control of the underlying technologies and manufacturing processes. In order to best serve the lighting design community we have developed an industry leading platform of optical technologies and in-house manufacturing capabilities at our Boston MA headquarters.

Our commitment and investment enables us to provide responsibly produced products with an optimized optical system and a wide range of customization options. It also means we can be adaptable and work with our customers to deliver products customized for form, fit and function. Everything we do is also backed up by our in-house manufacturing team and quality control systems.

The challenge is often not product customization itself but doing so with an efficient and predictable process. We have developed a broad implementation approach, which enables a reduction of lead time across all processes, making for faster responses to your bespoke inquiries.

Our goal is to offer you the fastest and most economical route to achieving optimized and tailored science of light product performance.

Map shows the area included within 500km (311mi) of the XICO factory.

For the Responsible Materials Imperative (I12) and
Living Economy Sourcing (I15), 20% or more of the
materials construction budget must come from within
500 kilometers of the construction site.

In-House Capabilities

Our 55,000 sq ft state-of-the-art production facility houses a variety of equipment and capabilities mostly in Class 10,000 to Class 1000 cleanrooms. Our rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities are highly flexible and our product design, engineering and product development staff are on hand to help scope any work as well as assist with any design questions and system-related issues.


Assembly Lines



CNC Machining

3D Printers