All XICO® products are based upon unique and patented innovations from Fusion Optix®.

Fusion Optix was founded in 2003 with a mission: bring a higher level of performance, control, and efficiency to the lighting market through better application of optics, lighting science and product engineering.

Leading through scientific research, human centric design, and innovation to realize the potential of lighting technology.

Fusion Optix Trademarks


IP Right Number US Trademark Link to USPTO TSDR
4640751 Fusion Optix (Logo) TSDR
4691124 Fusion Optix (Logo) TSDR
5309315 Bright Minds TSDR
5309290 Bright Minds Make Light Work TSDR
5543304 Fusion Optix (Logo) TSDR
5734112 Fusion Optix TSDR
5856164 Fusion Optix TSDR
6257729 Invisilens TSDR
6060740 Smartoptics TSDR
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6038234 Flatlens TSDR
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